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  • 09/22/2011 - Product Philanthropy, Measurable Value for the Bottom Line

    Good360 Summit to Discuss Business Benefits of Product Giving

    With the overall poverty rate climbing from 14.3 percent to 15.1 percent just in one short year, even more Americans are financially suffering?to be exact?1 out of every 6 Americans now live in poverty. Our neighbors, their children, the homeless veterans on the street, the under and unemployed are all struggling to survive and get the items they need for everyday life?clothing, personal hygiene products, or school supplies for their kids.
    Good360, the thought leader in product philanthropy, is hosting a two-day product philanthropy summit in Monterey, Cali. to discuss the impact businesses can not only have on the millions of people-in-need, but also the benefits their company can receive through product giving. The summit will make the business case on why companies should be donating products, how they can align donations to their philanthropic and corporate goals, and show companies how product giving can create a more efficient supply chain.

    To support the discussion, a case study was recently completed by Indiana University?s School of Public and Environmental Affairs on Good360?s Framing Hope program with The Home Depot. Since Framing Hope?s inception in 2008, more than $100 million in products have been donated to 1,500 local nonprofits reaching nearly 500,000 low-income families. Results include:
    ???? Social Impact: Almost 500,000 low income families reached.
    ???? Economic Impact: More than $1.4 million in energy costs saved.
    ???? Environmental Impact: Diversion of landfill space equivalent to approximately 2,500 garbage trucks, manufacturing energy savings enough to power 119 homes for one year, and annual consumption energy savings totaling more than 3.3 million kWh reducing CO2 emissions equivalent to planting 517 acres of pine forest.

    At the summit, Good360 will also be reviewing the findings of new groundbreaking research from Indiana University on the business case for product giving. The report, which will be revealed in the next several weeks explores product philanthropy further and identifies the benefits, costs, and risks of participating in product donation?from the perspective of cost, brand enhancement and awareness, and employee engagement.

    One book a child owns can alter their future, one toothbrush can keep a single mother stay healthy, and one bed can ensure restful sleep to a veteran who came back from serving overseas but now has nowhere to call home. To learn more about how your company can impact the greater good, please register for the Good360 Corporate Summit on Product Philanthropy.